Our Managing Director and International Sales Manager flew overseas to discuss bi-fold door systems at a Canadian industry conference.

Peter Sutcliffe and Tim Shaw took centre stage at the Sunspace conference where they presented to over 350 business owners and decision makers about resetting the country’s existing strategy for the bi-fold market.

Despite their widespread popularity in other countries, bi-fold doors have yet to gain significant traction in Canada. So, Peter and Tim were invited to share their knowledge and expertise to help better educate attendees.

“Canada is a key market for us, and we believe there is a significant opportunity for growth and innovation with bi-fold doors, especially as patio doors are predominantly used there,” explains Peter.

“Despite having a strong appreciation for the product, business owners have been hesitant to invest in bi-fold door systems due to uncertainty regarding the potential of the bi-fold door market.

“With many years’ experience designing and manufacturing bi-folds, we have an unparalleled understanding of the market, so Tim and I talked in depth about how to fabricate the product, how to sell it and how to install it.”

Although the economic outlook looks bleak, Peter’s presentation also focused on encouraging business owners to diversify their product offering.

“When the world is on the brink of a recession, businesses need to think about doing something different so they can continue to thrive, sticking to old ways of doing things isn’t enough,” Peter adds.

“Debar is committed to providing innovative solutions and excellent service to our customers. We are thrilled to be a part of unlocking the potential of bi-fold doors for Canadian businesses, helping them achieve growth and success in their markets, even during times of economic uncertainty.

“Although it can seem daunting, investing in a product which is guaranteed to generate great results is a smart business decision and with a proven track record bi-fold doors are the perfect solution. As a high-quality product that looks fantastic, they are well loved by consumers and are a great addition to any home.”

This trip forms part of our international strategy and isn’t the only one on the cards. Dedicated to support existing customers to refine their approach and success within the bi-folding door market, Peter will also be visiting Vancouver.

During his trip he will once again be helping business owners to learn about the benefits of bi-folds and will also offer continued support through the early stages of adopting the product to build confidence and understanding among attendees.

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