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Debar has incredible technical capabilities at its headquarters in Bradford. It even has a dedicated full-time team who have an extensive range of knowledge, understanding, and many years of experience in the bi-fold door industry.

The technical team keep close communication with their customers throughout the whole design process to help bring a high-quality bi-fold to fruition.

Passionate about producing quality products, if required, Debar can also design something new for you to use.

Keen to share their knowledge, the team will happily pass on their expertise to aspiring fabricators.

Throughout the process, the Debar team will work closely with you to bring your bi-fold door system to life. Simply provide a wish list of requirements and Debar can create exactly what you’re after.

If you’re looking to develop a bi-fold system and are looking for specialist support, get in touch today.

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Testing is an essential part of the design and manufacturing process. It helps to guarantee that the bi-fold door system can withstand a range of extreme weather conditions, hold up a high standard of security and be hard-wearing for usage on a daily basis for many years.

Debar has an absolute commitment to quality control and will support its partners to create a bi-fold system that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Training and Support

Debar has a fantastic reputation for delivering sales training and support to all its customers.

With unbeatable technical knowledge and industry experience, the team can provide training for fabricators, technical teams and sales teams.

Whether a team wants to learn more about the design process, manufacturing or selling products into market, Debar can help.

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