We’re excited to share the news that we have further expanded our portfolio of bi-fold hardware products with the launch of a brand-new line of contemporary and modern bi-fold door handles.

Veltѐis a sleek and minimalist range of handles that is suitable for most intermediate bi-fold door locking panels. Plus, with its modern, clean and seamless appearance the handles add a touch of elegance to any home’s bi-fold door system.

Developing quality products is a huge priority for us as a leading Bradford-based bi-fold manufacturer and so our team of experts have specially designed these handles so they not only look aesthetically excellent but are also high-performing.

Veltѐ handle assembly lockedAll screws are concealed by a patent pending aesthetic plate to create a seamless clean look for the homeowner, while also boasting a unique anti-rotating innovation to deliver extra security by ensuring that the handle remains in place and cannot be tampered with by unauthorised persons – giving homeowners true peace of mind.

With three different choices available within the range, the Veltѐ handles offer a variety of options for homeowners. One of which includes a landmark product which is the company’s first handle that includes an impressive integrated cylinder.

We also offer a standard handle and a handle that features an escutcheon for an 18mm Euro cylinder. The handle tilts outwards for easy operation and is completely flat when not in use, making it the perfect addition to any home.

Constructed from zinc die cast and steel spindle, these robust handles fit on gearboxes or shoot bolt locks with 7mm spindle and 43 screw centres, such as the innovative Debar Robus Locks.

Andrew Fawthrop, National Sales Manager comments: “We’re delighted to further expand our comprehensive range of quality bi-fold locks and handles, with the launch of Veltѐ. Whether you’re looking for a handle that prioritises security, or one that emphasises style, the Veltѐ range of handles has you covered.

“These modern and sleek handles not only look great but are also incredibly hard-wearing and use a specialist anti-rotating design to deliver fantastic protection and security. The Veltѐ range is a great fit for any bi-fold door system and will no doubt be a must-have product for fabricators, installers and homeowners alike.”

As the largest independent British manufacturer of bi-fold hardware and bi-fold door systems, we supply fabricators and system houses around the world. To find out more get in touch today.