Absolute commitment to quality control

The team at Debar has an absolute commitment to quality control and will support its partners to create a bi-fold system which is not only aesthetically pleasing but technically sound and functional.

The DeWall system, designed and manufactured by Debar, has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the highest industry standards for durability, safety, and security.

Debar can offer expert guidance and assistance to ensure that your doors meet all the necessary standards. With years of experience in the industry, Debar has the expertise and knowledge to help you choose the right materials and components for your project

By working with Debar, you can be confident that your bi-fold doors will meet all the necessary performance requirements.

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Bi-fold door testing

Wind loads and weather testing

Weather testing on bi-fold doors is an important aspect to ensure that the doors can withstand different weather conditions, such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. This testing is typically performed to evaluate the durability, safety, and performance of the doors.

Water infiltration testing involves exposing the bi-fold doors to a controlled amount of water for a specified period, typically using a spray rack or shower apparatus. The doors are inspected for any signs of water leakage, such through the glazing, gaskets or frame.

Wind load resistance testing involves subjecting the doors to a series of wind gusts and pressures that simulate various wind speeds and directions. The doors are then evaluated for their ability to resist deformation, deflection, and damage from the wind loads, including those up to hurricane levels.

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Thermal testing

Thermal testing on a bi-fold door typically involves measuring the door’s thermal performance, which is its ability to resist heat transfer.

This test is crucial because it provides insight into how well the door will perform in terms of energy efficiency.

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By testing bi-fold doors for security, you can identify any weaknesses in the doors’ construction or locking mechanisms and take steps to address them. This can help prevent break-ins and keep properties and their occupants safe. Additionally, conducting security testing on bi-fold doors can help you comply with safety and security regulations, as well as insurance requirements.

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