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Why Choose Us

Debar is much more than a bi-fold door hardware manufacturer, the team is made up of specialists in the bi-fold door market. By working closely with its customers, Debar specialists deliver first-class systems and hardware.

More About Us

Specialist Manufacturers

With unbeatable experience and technical knowledge, Debar has designed many high-quality leading bi-fold systems that are widely used across 16 countries.

Over 30 Years Experience

With over 30 years’ experience in the bi-fold doors market, Debar has grown into a major manufacturing company supplying quality bi-fold hardware to systems houses and fabricators around the globe.

Investing In People

Truly dedicated to delivering the best experience for its customers, Debar offers technical support and advice as well as custom training on design and quality standards.


Debar is known for producing high-quality bi-fold door hardware. Its products are made from durable materials which undergo strict quality control measures to ensure that they meet the highest standards. Choosing Debar as your bi-fold hardware supplier means that you can expect reliable and long-lasting products. 

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