Innovative slimline bi-folding system

Debar has supported Cortizo in the development of an innovative slimline bi-folding system that not only looks sleek and modern but also meets the latest energy efficiency regulations. This system is designed to offer outstanding thermal performance and can achieve a U-value that meets the requirements of Building Regulations Part L.

The slimline bi-folding system is ideal for modern homes, commercial buildings, and other projects that require a minimalist and contemporary design. Its sleek, clean lines and slim frame profile provide a minimalist aesthetic that maximises natural light and views. The system is available in a wide range of colours, finishes, and configurations to suit any design or specification.

One of the key features of the slimline bi-folding system is its exceptional thermal performance. The system is designed to provide high levels of insulation, which helps to minimise heat loss and reduce energy bills. The system achieves this through the use of advanced insulation materials and a thermally-broken frame, which prevents heat transfer from the inside to the outside.

The most secure bi-fold door
  • Bifold Plus

Bifold Plus

Features and Benefits

  • 110mm sightlines
  • Many types of thresholds available
  • Brand the system your own
  • Up to and including 14 sashes, no restrictions on any configurations open in or out
  • Open corner sets
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Technical Specifications

  • Meets new Part L for new build and renovation
  • Fully security and weather tested
  • Heights of 3000mm x 1200mm width
  • 120kg per panel
  • Pre-gasketed bead, outer frame and sash, reducing fabrication times and wastage
  • High, 12ft wide with three panels
  • Designed to achieve hurricane standards DP40, complete with panel stabilisation
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