Sliders UK bi-fold door


This versatile system is an above-ground, bottom-running system with multiple threshold options. The hardware components and systems are custom-designed to give maximum carry capacity.

DeWall is a truly inline system which features bespoke hardware creating an incredibly attractive bi-fold door that can be tailored to suit different specifications.

Plus, the system is designed to be fabricator and installer-friendly.

This is not a typical system supplied by a system house. DeWall is for companies to adopt as their own so they can market using their name.

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Debar V1 hardware is a superior alternative range of hardware including hinges, rollers, guides and shoot bolt parts which are compatible with current systems on the market.

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black hinges
The most secure bi-fold door

Bi-fold Plus

A high-energy performing system designed in conjunction with Cortizo.

This system is designed to offer increased thermal efficiency of the doors to meet Part L regulations, while also significantly reducing the sightlines to 49mm (2”) to give maximum glass for a more pleasing look.

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A heavy-duty system design in partnership with Cortizo.

This system is truly monumental. The door is designed to withstand up to the equivalent of a Cat 5 hurricane and has some of the largest tested dimensions on the market.

When tested up to four metres high and one metre wide, this size achieved a DP55 rating.

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