This year we are celebrating our 15-year anniversary!

Since we were first launched in 2008 by founder Graham Fawthrop, our team of experts has sold millions of pieces of specially manufactured hardware, designed a fantastic bi-fold system which is now used widely across the UK and even supported system houses to develop and launch their own bi-fold doors into the market.

As a company, we have grown immensely in just 15 years and are now well known in the industry for supplying bi-fold hardware to over 200 companies across 15 countries.

To make this happen, the team has worked incredibly hard to not only perfect the service we offer to our customers but to also guarantee our hardware is robust and resilient and delivers fantastic performance time and time again.

We have successfully built our reputation and expertise in the bi-fold door market and are now seen as an independent specialist and solid supplier of quality hardware and components.

Delivering more than bi-fold hardware

Driven to be much more than a bi-fold hardware manufacturer, our team also works closely with its customers and often goes above and beyond to support them.

With unbeatable experience and technical knowledge, it made sense to expand our offering as a business by providing guidance to companies looking for additional help. We have developed a comprehensive training programme and now deliver sessions on the design, manufacturing and selling of bi-fold doors.

Ultimately, we want to assist companies to achieve success within the bi-fold door market so we’ll give as much advice and support as we can to educate anyone wanting to learn more about developing a quality bi-fold.

In addition to working closely with customers to bring their ideas to life, we have also dedicated lots of time and resources, behind the scenes, to our own continuous development over the last 15 years.

As a company, we’ve always been passionate about the market and doing what we can to help our customers move forward. So, we not only invest in the latest software and machinery to create innovative products and systems, but we also keep up to date with the latest industry trends to offer first-class advice and guidance.

In 2015 we also achieved the coveted ISO9001 certificate which is a testament to our commitment to deliver fantastic high-quality service and products.

Marking 15-years in the bi-fold market

Overall, we have achieved incredible success throughout the years and in 2017, our team moved to a bigger 65,000 sqft headquarters and manufacturing site located in Bradford.

Relocating to the larger premises was an incredible achievement for the business and fully transformed how we operated. From this point, we were able to put the additional space to good use by introducing our own saw centre, CNC centre, finishing station, automated powder coating plant and assembly lines.

As we mark an incredible 15 years in the market, we’re showing no signs of slowing down. We even recently launched a brand-new line of sleek and modern door handles. Known as Veltѐ, this new range is sleek, minimalist and suitable for most intermediate bi-fold door locking panels.

Plus, we have also started implementing our international strategy and kicked off the year with a trip to Canada. Designed to support existing customers overseas, this new strategy will see us travel abroad to help customers refine their approach and achieve success within the bi-folding door market.

Peter Sutcliffe, Managing Director, comments: “It’s fantastic to look back over the last 15 years to see how the company has grown and evolved in this time.

“We know the next few years will be a challenge, but the team is just as passionate as they were in 2008, and with some exciting projects in the pipeline, there’s no doubt we’ll see some more positive growth as a company in the years that lie ahead. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future has in store.”