Sleek and modern bi-fold door handles

The Veltè range of bi-fold door handles has been specially designed by Debar, to not only look aesthetically excellent but to also deliver high performance.

All screws are concealed by a patent pending aesthetic plate to create a seamless clean look for the homeowner. Plus, it boasts a unique anti-rotating innovation to deliver extra security by ensuring the handle remains in place and can’t be tampered with by an unauthorised person – giving homeowners complete peace of mind.

There are three different choices available within this range including a landmark product which is Debar’s first handle that features an impressive integrated cylinder. Veltè is also available in a standard handle and handle featuring an escutcheon for an 18mm Euro cylinder.

These handles tilt outwards for easy operation and is completely flat when not use, making it the perfect addition to any bi-folding system.

Constructed from zinc die cast and steel spindle, these robust handles fit on gearboxes or shoot bolt locks with 7mm spindle and 43 screw centres like the Debar Robus Locks.

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  • Veltè Bi-fold Door Handle

Veltè Bi-fold Door Handle


  • New sleek modern style handle with integrated lock
  • Patent pending fixing method offering invisible screws
  • Designed for intermediate panels on bi-fold door
  • Constructed from zinc die-cast and steel spindle
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Velte Handles


  • Option for back plate with an escutcheon for 18mm Euro profile cylinder
  • Handle tilts outwards for easy operation and flat when not operating
  • Fits on gearboxes/shoot bolt locks with 7mm drive and spindle and 43mm screw centres
  • Integrated security anti-rotating innovation
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Velte handle Debar - white
Debar velte handle black
Debar Velte handle grey

Technical Specifications

  • 7mm drive and spindle
  • 43mm screw centres
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Velte Black

Available Finishes

White Gloss

White Gloss

Matt Black

Matt Black

Matt Grey

Matt Grey

Satin Chrome

Satin Chrome



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Velte Cream
Velte Black
Velte Grey
Velte satin chrome bi-fold handle
Velte chrome bi-fold handle

Frequently Asked Questions: Bi-fold Door Handles

This dedicated FAQs section is specifically related to the commonly asked questions about the Veltè range of handles for bi-fold doors.

Are there different finishes available for the Veltè handle?

Yes, the Veltè handles come in white gloss, matt black, matt grey, chrome and satin chrome. If you have any further questions, speak to a member of the team today.

How does the Veltè handle compare to other bi-fold door handles offered by Debar in terms of functionality and aesthetics?

Compared to other handles manufactured by Debar, the Veltè range is equally as impressive and versatile. Perfect for both contemporary and modern bi-fold doors, Veltè is suitable for most intermediate bi-fold door locking panels and also boasts hidden security features.

Does the handle protrude when in the locked position?

Not at all. The handle is completely flat when not in use but tilts outwards for easy operation.