Expanding Horizons: Debar’s Commitment to Apprenticeships and Employee Growth

At Debar, we believe that fostering growth and nurturing talent within our organisation is not just a responsibility but a privilege. We are excited to share some wonderful news with you – our dedicated team members, Anthony Martin and Liam Scott, have embarked on an exciting journey of skill acquisition and hands-on experience through our brand-new apprenticeship opportunities.

A Path of Continuous Learning

Anthony and Liam, both seasoned members of the Debar family, have been given the incredible chance to broaden their skill sets and gain valuable practical knowledge right at the heart of our Debar headquarters. We have always been passionate about providing avenues for both our existing and new employees to develop within the company, setting them on a trajectory of success and growth. This ethos aligns perfectly with the spirit of apprenticeships, making it an ideal fit for us here at Debar.

Anthony’s Journey: A Tale of Resilience and Dedication

Anthony Martin, a familiar face within our team, is currently on a path towards achieving a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering with a focus on Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Anthony’s journey into apprenticeships began earlier in his career, at the age of 18, when he delved into the world of CNC machining. After a successful start, he harboured a desire to pursue another apprenticeship, but he thought that the opportunity might have passed him by.

However, Debar saw the potential in Anthony’s aspirations and agreed to welcome him back for a second apprenticeship – a gesture he is truly grateful for. His story is a testament to the fact that apprenticeships are not exclusive to school leavers. Anthony’s experience during this journey has been nothing short of exceptional. The knowledge and skills he’s gained through the partnership between Debar and Bradford-based training provider Appris have been pivotal in advancing his career in engineering.

Liam’s Endeavor: Navigating New Terrain

Liam Scott, another valued member of our team, is pursuing a BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering. Reflecting on his journey, Liam shared that while it has been a challenging learning curve, the opportunity to embark on this apprenticeship has been a source of immense gratitude. Throughout this process, Debar’s unwavering support has made the experience smoother, and interestingly, Liam has found newfound enjoyment in his day-to-day role.

Empowering Our Team for the Future

For us, apprenticeships are not just about personal growth; they are about bolstering our team’s skills, confidence, and motivation. Peter Sutcliffe, our Managing Director, emphasised that offering apprenticeship opportunities to our existing team members like Anthony and Liam is a way to elevate the skills of those passionate about the industry. This initiative also fosters commitment, loyalty, and dedication within our workforce.

Through our apprenticeship program, our goals are two-fold: to attract the best new talent and to enhance the professional development of our current employees, ultimately boosting job satisfaction and productivity.

The Road Ahead: Skills and Beyond

As we continue to invest in our apprenticeship program, we are eager to cultivate various skills among our team members. This includes equipping them with the ability to collaborate effectively across different levels of the organisation, fostering confidence to work independently, and encouraging teamwork on new and exciting projects.

Anthony, who has seen firsthand the benefits of our apprenticeship program, enthusiastically recommends the experience to others due to the invaluable support he’s received and the significant strides in his career. He also praises Debar’s competitive pay scale and structured apprenticeship program, further solidifying the excellence of our offerings.

In closing, we are thrilled to announce these new apprenticeship opportunities and are committed to maintaining our reputation for excellence as we propel our team members toward success. If you’re curious to learn more about our company and the opportunities we offer, visit our vacancies page for the latest updates.