Bi-fold doors have become an incredible addition to UK homes and as more homeowners swap their existing patio doors for this fantastic system, it could be worth considering adding them to your portfolio of products.

Whether you’re already working with bi-fold doors or are still exploring whether this is a product you want to learn more about, one fundamental area of the bi-folding process is the installation.

Without the right knowledge and tools, installing a bi-fold door can be incredibly tricky. To help, we’ve put together this guide to help you master the art of bi-fold door installation.

We’ll cover everything from the pre-installation checklist – to ensure everything runs smoothly – and we’ll also highlight some of the common problems you could face as well as the importance of delivering a professional quality installation.

By following this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of what it takes to install a bi-fold so that you can decide if this is a system you want to work more closely with.

Understanding bi-fold doors: an overview

Before we begin, let’s explore the many benefits of a bi-fold door system.

Ultimately, bi-fold doors are a versatile and functional choice for any home. As the name suggests they fold in on themselves with each leaf stacking on top of the other, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas.

As well as helping to create a more modern living area, bi-folding systems add more space within homes, they improve the property’s aesthetic and also deliver incredible thermal performance.

By successfully ticking a number of boxes for homeowners, it’s clear to see how their popularity has skyrocketed in the last decade.

Pre-installation checklist for bi-fold doors

We always recommend carrying out a few pre-installation checks before getting started on the installation of a bi-fold system.

 Asses the installation aperture

Always double check the dimensions before fitting both internally and externally. It is recommended to take three measurement across the opening to allow for any deviations.

Bi-fold door installation

Assess the surrounding area to guarantee the installation goes off without a hitch and to ensure the correct fixing is used for that structural opening.

Always remember to take each homeowners’ requirements into consideration to make sure the door is in the correct position for floor level, considering the type of internal floor that may not be existing.

Double check the necessary tools and equipment

Make sure you have all of the necessary tools and equipment to hand to ensure a seamless and precise installation. Hammer drill, spirit levels/laser levels and Allen keys are a necessity so make sure they’re always packed in your toolkit.

Don’t spare any expense when it comes to the – and jigs, packers and gaskets. Working with high-quality equipment will help to enhance door functionality, resulting in happy customers.

Always remember to be safe and cautious

It goes without saying but always use safety equipment to keep yourself well protected and adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines so you can be confident you can safely handle and install the system.

At Debar, we always support our customers if they have any queries so be sure to get in touch with the manufacturer directly if you have any concerns.

Importance of proper bi-fold door installation

Installing bi-fold doors to a high standard will guarantee both the longevity of the system and seamless operation. Plus, it helps to mitigate the risk of any problems with the complete bi-fold in the future.

Working to strict guidelines is also a great way to deliver a fantastic service every time which, in turn, will help you to build amazing relationships with your customers. This is because they’ll be more likely to recommend you to a friend.

External shot of bi-fold door

How does professional installation make a difference?

Mastering the art of bi-fold door installation requires careful planning, the proper equipment and tools as well as incredible attention to detail.

By understanding the importance of proper bi-fold door installation, you can ensure a successful installation that maximises functionality and durability time and time again.

With the right techniques and knowledge, you can confidently install bi-folding doors but it is essential to take the time to learn and truly understand the entire process to deliver stunning results for people across the country.

Delivering bi-fold training for UK fabricators

At Debar, in addition to offering training, support and advice to installers, we also provide technical training to fabricators wanting to learn more about the in-depth process to develop a quality bi-folding door.

Our expert team provide guidance on a range of aspects from the design and manufacture, right through to selling the products into the market.

Since we launched 15 years ago, we have worked with hundreds of companies and have become the partner of choice for many operating in the bi-fold door market.

To find out how we can support you with your next bi-fold door project, get in touch today.  Alternatively, check out our full range of incredible bi-fold hardware and components.

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