Quality Bi-fold Door Parts: Affordable and Durable

Working with the best materials and in line with top standards stipulated in ISO9001 certification, Debar creates bi-fold door parts that are robust, long lasting, stylish and guarantee seamless operation of any bi-folding system. Whether you’re looking for brand new bi-fold handles, locks, shoot bolt mechanisms, panel catches, hinges or rollers, Debar has got it all. Browse the full range below.

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UK-based bi-fold hardware manufacturer

Over the years Debar has built an incredible reputation as the best bi-fold hardware manufacturer which supplies to hundreds of companies across the UK and around the world. The team’s dedication to quality is what makes all products stand above the rest, whereas their investment in research and development keeps them at the forefront of the industry.

What’s more, Debar understands the importance of providing top service to its customers and goes above and beyond to provide comprehensive training, support and guidance.

Debar truly is a trusted partner for fabricators and systems houses across the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Bi-fold Door Parts

Welcome to our FAQ section for bi-fold parts. Here we provide answers to some commonly asked questions and bi-fold door parts.

Are your bi-fold door parts corrosion resistant?

Our bi-fold door parts are made from various materials including zinc alloy, aluminium and stainless steel to ensure the best material is used for the purpose of the product. All of our bi-fold door parts have been coated or treated to guarantee they are properly protected from corrosion.

What are the essential parts of a bi-fold door?

The essential parts of a bi-folding door include the track, pivot bracket, guide wheel, hinges, and door pull. These components work together to ensure smooth operation and durability of the door. Regular maintenance and proper installation of these parts are crucial for the door's longevity.

Can existing bi-fold hardware be upgraded?

Existing bi-fold door parts can be upgraded in some cases, but always double check if the new hardware is compatible with your existing system. When you’re confident the new products will be a perfect match, it should be no problem to replace worn-out handles, locks, rollers and panel catches.
If you’re looking for some further assistance, our team is always on hand to help. Get in touch today.