Superior long-lasting bi-fold handles and locks

Debar combines quality with sleek product design to manufacture a range of superior bi-fold handles and locks. Crafted from high-grade materials means all Debar handles and locks are long-lasting, deliver outstanding performance and keep homes secure time and time again.

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Debar Velte handle
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Bi-Fold Door Handles

Veltѐ Bi-fold Door Handles

This sleek and modern style handle has been designed specifically for intermediate panels on a bi-fold door. Constructed from zinc die-cast makes this contemporary handle incredibly robust and long lasting.

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Velte Handles

Verso Handles

The Verso handle has an impressive aesthetic appeal thanks to its classic look. Made from zinc die-cast means this handle is a fantastic addition to intermediate panels on bi-fold doors.

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Verso Handles

Vivo Handles

The Vivo handle delivers incredible performance and offers a fantastic final finish as the screws are concealed from view when in the closed position. For easy operation, the handles have been designed to tilt outwards when in use and flat when not operating.

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Vivo bi-fold door handles
Vivo bi-fold door handles

Vivo Short Handles

The Vivo Short handles are an adaptation of the original Vivo handle, offering the same stylish finish and seamless performance. Constructed from highly durable zine die-cast makes the Vivo Short ideal for intermediate panels on bi-fold doors.

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Vivo Short Handles

Bi-Fold Door Locks

Robus Shoot Bolt Lock

Ideal for residential or commercial applications, the Robus Shoot Bolt lock provides two impressive points of engagement to secure the top and bottom of the door panel – improving performance against forced entry and extreme weather.

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ROBUS Steel Shootbolt Lock For 10mm Threaded Rod

Robus Compact Slim Lock

At only 26.5mm wide, the Robus Compact Slim lock has been designed specifically for slim bi-fold profiles. Manufactured from high-strength zinc die-cast and coated to resist corrosion guarantees the longevity and durability of this incredibly secure lock.

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Welcome to our FAQs section for Bi-Fold Door Shoot Bolt Locks and Handles. Here, we provide answers to some commonly asked questions about handles and locks.

What type of lock do I need for a bi-fold door?

The type of lock that you choose for the bi-fold door system you’re fabricating will depend on the specific security requirements. For instance, a durable and high-security lock is always recommended for an exterior bi-folding system. Both of our compact locks are a great fit for any bi-fold intermediate door.

What features should I look for in a bi-fold handle?

When it comes to selecting a handle for a bi-folding system be sure to select one that has been made from a durable material to ensure it is completely robust and sturdy. Also consider the ergonomics of the design to guarantee it is comfortable to grip and operate.
Most bi-fold handles will also come in a range of finishes so be sure to choose a style that will perfectly complement the existing décor of the property.

What is your warranty policy on bi-fold locks?

At Debar, our hardware is made with incredible care and attention. We have complete confidence in our products that we offer a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on our bi-fold shoot locks.